Welcome to Bearer Aviation!
Bearer Aviation is located in Eastern Florida and provides commercial pilot
services in Merritt Island, New Smyrna (Massey Ranch Airpark), Titusville
(Arthur Dunn Airpark) and Titusville (Space Coast Regional).
  • Aerial Tours
  • Aerial Photography
  • Aircraft Relocation
  • Air Show Manufacturer Demonstrations
  • Light Sport Flight Training
  • Single and Multi Engine Time Building
  • Unusual Attitude & Spin Training
Bearer Aviation
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Ron Bearer Jr. is Insured by Avemco. This includes CFI Insurance and covers all aircraft
for single engine, multi engine, SLSA and seaplanes.
This insurance also covers flights in customer and student owned planes while he is on
board. Policy number 120220238201 Exp. 03/12/2015
Our Specialized Services